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Dear Celestyal Crewmember ……... 01/07/2020

As all we are aware cruise companies and public health officials are still evacuating and repatriating tens of thousands of crew members who have remained at sea as the pandemic raged. In Celestyal Cruises we believe that for the crew to feel safe, they need to know that the passengers around them wont’be boarding the ship sick and the passengers they need to know that the crew will be held to a high standard of wellness. Taking into consideration all these circumstances the management of Celestyal Cruises made the difficult decision to postpone resuming cruise operations until the scheduled start of our normal spring season next year. We will shift our full attention to recommence sailing from the 6th of March 2021. Of course, nothing we can do without the support of our crew members and we are deeply sorry that they stay at home suffering due to COVID-19. We hope that the period until next March will pass very quick and we look forward to welcoming all our Celestyal crew members again.

Ioannis Poniridis

Fleet Personnel Manager

Author: crewing

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