Easter Wishes

Easter Wishes

Easter Wishes

The pandemic of the novel corona virus has changed our daily life and our CHURCH life . We stay in our home in order to protect ourselves from the lethal virus . We are the CHURCH of the Cross and the Resurrection.

Our warmest Easter greetings to all Celestyal crew members and their families .

Crew members in Philippines

To our crew members in Philippines ,

We are aware that your Government will provide a monetary assistance for all the displaced seafarers amounting to USD 200 . We are in progress and we will support you in cooperation with our agency in Manila . Please communicate with SF Sharp for further clarification .

Thank you Ioannis G. Poniridis Fleet Personnel Manager

Celestyal crew announcement

Dear Celestyal Cruises crewmember, In our continuous efforts to keep you updated we would like to inform you of the following latest developments: As you know the voluntary initial suspension of our cruise operations was until 1 May 2020. The continued impact of COVID-19 pandemic however, resulted to an increasing number of temporary travel bans, closures of cruise ports, closure of major attractions and countries imposing restrictions on public gatherings and visitors. This situation has forced us to take the difficult but necessary decision to extend our suspension of operations until June 29, 2020. Currently, our cruises will resume on this date with the four-night Iconic Aegean sailing of the Celestyal Olympia. While we understand any disappointment and appreciate the constrains and anxiety this decision may bring to each one of you, we want to highlight that its sole aim is to protect the health of everybody onboard our vessels whether crew or passengers and it is based on the advice of World Health Organization, health professionals and regulators around the world. We will continue to keep in touch with further updates as they come. Till then, stay healthy with your family .

Ioannis G. Poniridis Fleet Personnel Manager

News for the crew

Dear Celestyal Crewmember,

Now that you are at home with your family, we imagine that besides your daily tasks you are engaged in a battle to cope with the problems that this unprecedented situation has brought. We really hope that you are managing as well as possible under the circumstances, and we want you to know that we are here for you. The most important thing is to stay healthy. We are proud that we did not have any incident onboard our vessels and that the measures we took for the protection of our crew and passengers during our operation worked, thanks to your invaluable contribution. As you are probably aware, there are some sad news about the loss of some crewmembers onboard other ships due to COVID infection. This is partly attributed to the fact that many crewmembers were and still are unable to sign off and be repatriated due to the unavailability of flights or the closure of the borders. Fortunately, we have avoided similar occurrences. By acting swiftly and prudently we managed to safely repatriate everybody, while crewmembers stranded onboard other vessels report that they are stressed and worried about themselves as well as their colleagues infected by COVID. We have all found ourselves navigating in uncharted waters after the suspension of the operation of our two vessels the Celestyal Crystal and the Celestyal Olympia. We know that this brings uncertainty about the future and makes you worry. For this reason, we have decided to create this dedicated web page for our direct and constant communication of our plans regarding the restarting of our operations so that you can stay alert and be ready to travel to re-assume your positions onboard. Pls check this web page regularly for further updates.

Stay healthy. Stay in touch

Ioannis G. Poniridis Fleet Personnel Manager